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Not Enough Mail
   Sgt Andrew Downer
    Files One Complaint

Sgt Andrew Downer of Charlotte, a paratrooper, has only one complaint to register from hi billet !in Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany.
   Its the same old story and justified: Mail call just doesn't produce enough letters from the home folks.
   In a recent letter to his brother, Henry T Downer of 1308 Enderly Road, Sgt Downer writes: "I'm doing okey, [sic] Nothing much I can complain about except the mail situation. Our APO number got mixed up and we haven't been !getting any mail. So finally they gave us a new number It is "757"
   "Boy we have really been busy. Yep, I believe I told you we are back in Germany at Frankfort on-the-Main We are General Ike's (Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower) palace guards and boy are we sharp! Getting back like Jump school. Shiny boots pants pressed, all our !ribbons, etc I think we are mainly for show-off purposes. Right !down our alley huh?
  "Yes, sir, we live in apartment !houses. They are in pretty good shape now after we cleaned them up a bit. Some of them were a bit smashed up. We have electric lights, running water, nice furniture—you should see out kitchen. Then we have a bath, electric water heater, electric stove, steam heat— even got a garden out back with strawberries, lettuce, cherry trees, everything as good as home excepting the little girl doesn't live next door.
   "I am planning on taking some courses in the educational program we are setting up. I really need some reviewing as you can plainly see ... I don't know how long we will be here but I do want Li get some mail ...
  "Sgt Downer is a member of the 508th Parachute Infantry. He has been in the service three years, overseas two—jumped in the D-Day invasion on Normandy and again in Holland. He is rated as a machine gunner.
   Prior to entering the service Sgt Downer was employed by the Sanitary Laundry. He is a son of Mrs. C. B. Downer of Pineville Road.

[The Charlotte News, Charlotte, NC,13 Jul 1945, Fri, Page 3]

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