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   On 17 September 1944, 1/Lt. George Stoeckert and his stick boarded  Chalk #3, a C-47A aircraft #42-92905 for their jump in Operation Market.
  The aircraft was flown by members of the 99th Troop Carrier Squadron, 441st Troop Carrier Group.
   Note that the date of September 16, 1944 is off by one day

Rank Name Unit Fate
1/Lt Doering, Harvey P Pilot ?
2/Lt Westrose, Thomas L Co-Pilot ?
SSgt Stewart, Paul W Engineer Died 2003
SSgt Delistovic, John A. Radio Died 2008
1/Lt Stoeckert, George P Hq 1st Died 2016
Pfc Brown, Warren R. Hq 1st Died 2008
Cpl Van Court, Larney R Hq 1st Died 1986
Pfc McGaha, Avery R Hq 1st Died - 1983
  (#6 blank) - -
Pvt Pottorff, Daniel W Hq 1st Died - 1986
Pvt Tharaldson, Vernon A Hq 1st Died 1992
Pvt Fulton, Richard M Hq 1st Died 1989
Pvt Fogt, Arnold (s/b Richard W) Hq 1st Died 2005
Cpl Foster, William (s/b Arnold C) Hq 1st Died 2001
Pfc Frickel, Curtis O (s/b William [NMI]) Hq 1st Died 2010
Pfc Head [blank] (s/b Curtis D) Hq 1st Died 2002
Pvt (?)ayer, John R Hq 1st ?
Pvt Cowger, [blank] (s/b Donald J) Hq 1st Died - 1984
T/4 Morgan, Lim A Med Det Died - 1971