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Up Chalk 17 Rpt


Lt. Combs kept a copy of the flight manifest which has complete documentation of the air crew and jump stick members for Chalk 17. Note that the date of September 16, 1944 is off by one day

Rex jotted down the names of the aircrew as well as the men in his stick. The page was probably part of his "Lieutenant's book", a personal log kept by squad leaders.

   On 17 September 1944, 1/Lt. Rex Combs was in C-47 aircraft #43-15216, Chalk 17, part of Serial A-20 for Operation Market.
  The aircraft was flown by members of the 99th Troop Carrier Squadron, 441st Troop Carrier Group.
   At 1328 the stick left the aircraft and landed about 2000 yards east of the intended drop zone and close to the border at Wyler Germany,
(Read an account of Rex's jump and following actions)

(all images courtesy of Rex Combs collection)



Name Unit Fate
1/Lt Blackburn, William R Pilot ?
2/Lt Willenberg, Kenneth H Co-Pilot ?
SSgt Gibson, Arthur R) Crew Chief ?
SSgt Helfenstine, Everett E (Radio) ?
1/Lt Combs, Rex Co A Died 1976
Kirkland, Collie Co A Died 1982
Pvt Marshall,  Calvin R Co A Died 2006?
Pvt Benton, James R Co A Died 1992
Pvt Hernandez, Victor L Co A Died 1995
Pvt Hampton,  Herman E Co A Died 1975
Pvt Cannon,   A. B. Co A Died 1996
Pvt Twilley,  John C Co A KIA - 24 Oct 44
Pvt Pupich, Matt F Co A Died 1995
Pfc Herbst, Donald M Co A Died 1967
Pvt Alvarez, Manuel Co A KIA 20 Sep 44
Pfc Gutierrez, Raul Medic Died 2004
Cpl Kinman,  Marion E Co A Died 2002


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