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Six Pack
Don Biles [r, front] and five buddies at Mackall ca. April '43 after returning from Tennessee Maneuvers

Post Pass Reactions
Don Biles [rear] and one buddy smile while another perhaps laments the girl that got away
[l-r] Tom McClafferty, John DeLury, and (Hallson?) [kneeling] Unidentified
are prepared for a practice jump at Mackall. 
(courtesy Tom Porcella)

Good Landing
James Oglesby, Co F, displays his chute while still in harness.
   Note what appears to be a patch of snow near his leg. The photo must have been taken very soon after the regiment arrived in the NC mountain country

You'll Need More Than That!
Robert H. Morris (Hq 2nd) has a musette bag, shovel and trench knife and will put on his parachute next.
(courtesy of Irv Shanley)

Last Minute Briefing to Lt. Shields, Jumpmaster for this stick  Other men are unidentified.
   Note the PSP (Pierced Steel  Planking) used to firm up the earthen runway and taxi areas.

Tom Porcella
was amongst the many 508ers who continued their jump training and also completed advanced training as they prepared for a yet undisclosed point of invasion in Europe.
(courtesy of Tom Porcella)

Pvt Robert G. Banks
holds helmet to the side and is fully suited for jump with reserve chute and Griswold bag for his rifle.  He appears to have taped his pant cuffs to his boots to keep them from inflating while in the air.
(courtesy of Penny Banks Lane)