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Qualified Wear
    "Wings And Boots"

 Private First Class Kenneth G. Macdonald. son of Mrs. E. Macdonald of 312 West Broadway, and Private George Turkmany, husband of Mrs. Mary Turkmany, 431 Tenth avenue, have won the right to wear "Wings and Boots" of the United States Army Paratroops.
   They have completed four weeks of jump training during which time they made five Jumps, the last a tactical jump at night Involving a combat problem on landing.

[The Morning Call, Paterson, NJ, 01 Dec 1944, Fri, Page 11

Just Play

   Camp Mackall July 8 —Archie O. Robnolte of Ashland Ohio, member of the Medical Detachment of the 508th Parachute Regiment here smiles tolerantly at this business of parachute-jumping.
   He figures he's jumped 223 times to date,  217 times with a barnstorming aviator and six times with the United States Army.
   He became helper-mascot with Lee Gray jumper and pilot at the age of nine and made his first jump at the age of 16. The other jumps came before be joined the 508th in October 1942 — and some of them were before crowds of as many as 5000 people.

[The News and Observer, Raleigh, NC, 09 Jul 1943, Fri, Page 5]


   Pvt. Vernon H. Winter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Winter, 927 First street south, has won the right to wear wings and boots of the U.S. ar my paratroops. He has completed four weeks of jump training during which time he made five jumps, the last a tactical jump at night, involving a combat problem on landing.

[St. Cloud Times, Saint Cloud, MN, 24 Nov 1944, Fri, Page 4] 


   FORT BENNING Ga., Dec 10 --- (AP) --- It's getting to be a habit with the 508th Parachute infantry— this business of breaking forced marching records.
   Last Friday the 2nd battalion was credited with a new record as they completed a four-day jaunt of 120 miles from Toccoa Ga. to Atlanta but Sunday the 3rd battalion struck out from Atlanta and arrived here early last night— singing and cursing sore feet.
   Capt Russell Hammargren public relations officer said the 3rd battalion not only broke the existing record by 18 miles but they did it in less time. Both battalions marched under full equipment. Brig. Gen. George Howell, parachute brigade commander, and Col Robert Sink, regiment commander, met the paratroops as they arrived here.
   Major R. L. Woverton, 3rd battalion commander, said, “1 don’t exaggerate when I say these guys are tough. We don't want to take any credit away from the 2nd battalion— they're plenty tough too.”

[The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC, 11 Dec 1942, Fri, Page 6 ]

At Camp Mackall

   Beaufort July 31—Pvt Sidney G Taylor of Beaufort, Route 1, is a member of the 508th Parachute Infantry at Camp Mackall He entered the Army last October 27 and won his wings as a parachutist last March 5.

[The News and Observer, Raleigh, NC, 01 Aug 1943, Sun, Page 25]