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Commander Briefs Westmoreland

   Gen. William C. Westmoreland. left, is briefed by Lt. Col. Donald A. Yoder, center, as they pass the 101st Airborne Division troops, of which Yoder is commander, working with a barbed wire fortification at firebase, 15 miles southwest of Hue, South Vietnam.
{Yoder was a 1st Lieutenant with 508th RCT in 1950s]

1/508th in Vietnam ... Obstetrics and Operations

Terry Byars is in Vietnam
    Spec. 4 Terry Byars is serving with the 508th Airborne in Vietnam, with the paratroopers.
   Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Byars are his parents.

[Hood County News-Tablet, Granbury, TX, Thursday, April 4, 1958, Page 1]

Sgt John M. Aicholtz, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Aicholtz of 9 Richmond Ave., is home on a 30-day leave after returning from Vietnam.  He has been awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Army Commendation medal and the purple Heart.  He will rejoin the 101st Airborne division as an instructor.

[Note Sgt Aicholtz later transferred to Company C, 2nd Battalion, 508th PIR. ... see Odyssey, Korea]

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