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A Year Late, Santa Finds 'Bastards'

This article with the by-line of "Ken Zumwalt, Staff Correspondent" appeared in an unidentified newspaper published on December 27, 1945.

 While unnamed, the "Stars and Stripes" is almost certainly the newspaper that this article initially appeared in.

   Kenneth D. Zumwalt was one of the founders of the Stars and Stripes when the team "liberated" a German printing plant in Pfungstadt in the Spring of 1945..  Zumwalt later became Managing Editor of the uniquely G.I. newspaper that is now published with various theatre editions, worldwide.

 This article was published in commemoration of the first anniversary of the Battle of The Bulge in the area of Bastogne.   The photo and it's accompanying text may well have gained national prominence and could have appeared in numerous other newspaper in the U.S. and elsewhere.

   Featuring 1/Lt.  Robert E. Plecker (Bridgewater, VA), 1/Lt. Robert M. Banker (Middletown, NY) and 1/Lt. Daniel J. Zapalski (Erie, PA), the article tells of their Christmas experiences while members of the 101st AB (Screaming Eagles).

   With the deactivation of their 101st units, these three men transferred into the 508th PIR.  The photograph was taken in Frankfurt where the men were then serving in the 508th's famed Honor Guard. Photo credit was given to the 508th  PRO (Public Relations Office).