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James Wynne, HQ 1st, "liberated" a set of cards found on a German and has provided them for our use.  Since they were not only in German but in an old, formal dialect it has taken some time to find a translator.  We are fortunate to have the pro bono services of Gail Peterson who has graciously deciphered the text on these card for us.  Each card is displayed with its photo front and the text on its back.  Note that the large body of text, translated below, appearing in the center of each card is repeated and therefore only shown once.
Photo groups 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33 belong to the linen bound Album Nr. 8: “Germany Awakens”. The cover and book decoration were created by the SS Senior Assault Leader Felix Ulbrecht and the text was written by Wilfrid Bade, the author of the publication “The SA Conquers Berlin”. The Reichs-photojournalist of the National Socialist German Workers Party Heinrich Hoffmann contributed the film covering the Reich to the arrangement and undertook the artistic finishing of the reproductions. This book which contains numerous complete illustrations and the panorama of the regiment dedication (at Luitpoldhain 8/6/1933) during the last Reichs Party Day 1933 conveys the overwhelming power of the greatest events of our days.

These cards are but a portion of Album Number 8, entitled "Germany Awakens, Development, Struggle and Victory of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party or Nazis)"

My dear B_______ friend’s memory of the War Years 1940-
20.000 SA Troops (Hitler’s Storm troopers) march toward Toburg on the 10th Commemoration Day of the Liberation of Toburg from the Red Terror
Picture Nr. 77, Group 32
In the mountains.  The Fuhrer bears a heavy burden.
Picture Nr. 195, Group 30

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