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Up Hasley's Wall C-47 Monument Iron Mike Ste Mere Hill 30

   Jim Romano, nephew of Biaggio Bennardi (Hq 2nd) recently visited Normandy in an effort to better understand what his uncle had gone through. He documented that trip with a photo journal and also made some maps from Google Earth so others that visit the area by car (as he did) can find them. 

   "Without the help of a local farmer," he said, "whose door I walked up to and knocked on, I would never have found the wall, and the rest of the monuments near Picauville. 

   The white paper Lucien is holding is my Uncle's memories, the same that you have on the site. 

I hope you can use the maps on the website, maybe use hotlinks to link to my photos this way people can see what is there.   To my amazement, I thought the area of 'Hill 30' was just that, a hill, so I was looking for one... but it's actually the WHOLE area.  The tourist desk in St. Mere-Eglise was no help, so I set out on my own and got lost.  Thanks to your website, when I me Eric above, I gave him Lucien's name and he knew where to go.  So I'd like to give a little more back to you and make it easier for others that make the trip.   The whole area is gorgeous farm land, serene and peaceful.  A total contrast as to what happened there.

Helping Hand
[l-r] James gets directions from Eric, a local farmer as Lucien Hasley listens.  Also, Lucien hands out a piece of paper to all visitors to the wall from the 508th.  It's a map of the whole area with places pointed out by markers.  It's all in French, so I can't read it.  Eric was acting as my interpreter so I could speak with Lucien, hence the picture of the three of us, with Eric pointing and me holding the paper.  Lucien was fantastic, a very nice man, and extremely thankful.  When Eric told him I was the nephew to a 508th, he wouldn't stop thanking me and my whole family.  It was great.
   He even drew a rough sketch in the dirt of the driveway explaining where the action took place around his house when he was 10.  Meeting him was extra special, and having met Eric was total luck.  As it turns out, Eric is a member of a society of men from Picauville, Caponet, and Le Fierage [La Fiere] that build monuments, conduct research and recovery, and offer help to Americans visiting battlegrounds and places around the area.  Talk about luck... just walking up to someone's house, hoping to find someone that speaks a little English... and I found GOLD!! :)
Lucien Hasley's Commemorative Wall Hill 30 Signage Iron Mike at La Fiere C-47 Monument In Piceauville Ste Mere Eglise
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508 Commemorative Wall
C47 Monument
Hill 30
Iron Mike at La Fiere
St Mere Eglise

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