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Ernie Lamson and Rick Holle
Rick's dad was an 82nd glider man on D-Day. Rick lives just east of Ernie in Hammond, WI

Jumpmaster John
joins in as Ernie's tandem jump mate on June 12, 2012

Small World
John's 3rd grade teacher was wife of Ernie's friend

Standing In The Door
for the first time since in 68 years.  The aircraft is a
twin turbine "Super Otter"

Free Falling
at 120 mph from 13,000 feet.  Beats jumping at 300 feet!

Terrific Tandem Team
Ernie enjoys the view over Minneapolis

All Grins
Ernie relishes the experience, quite a fete for this 90-year old gentleman!!


What A Jerk ...
when the parachute opens, that is!

The DZ
green fields at Skydive Twin Cities, Baldwin, WI  are reminiscent of the Nijmegen area

Terra Firma
again.  Misty look is condensation formed when cameraman landed, and maybe a little from Ernie's eyes

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