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   McMANUS quoted hundreds of D-Day participants from Generals to Privates. As I read the names of ED BOCCAFAGLI, PAUL BOUCHEREAU, JOE BRESSLER, BOB BREWER, DWAYNE BURNS, HAROLD CANYON (aka HAROLD KILJU), RALPH DeWEESE, DAN FURLONG, TOM PORCELLA and BUD WARNECKE, my interest increased. The comments of these 508ers were confined primarily to training, anticipating D-Day, C-47 flight, the jump, landing, and immediate moment after landing.
As a fighting unit on D-Day, the 508th was completely ignored. In the battle for LaFiere Manor: after describing how the German sharpshooter picked off a few of the 505th officers, McMANUS concluded that a group of ;. paratroopers under the command of 507th Captain BEN , SCHWARTZWALDER surrounded the Manor, causing the Germans to surrender.
   According to McMANUS, 507th Colonel EDWIN OSTBERG and 507th Captain ROY CREEK secured Chef-du-Pont. 508erPAUL BOUCHEREAU was quoted as having charged the Railroad Station at Chef-du-Pont with the 507th fighting force.
TAPS: DWAYNE BURNS of F Company passed away August 8 from a heart attack. In an e-mail from DWAYNE's son LELAND, LELAND said that his dad just approved the cover of a book that he and his dad co-wrote about DWAYNE's WWII war experiences, "Jumping into the Valley". At the time DWAYNE was in the ICU at Baylor Hospital with an oxygen ventilator and he could not talk, but seemed pleased with the book cover. LELAND said that everything would be at the printers within 12 hours of "my father's last jump." Condolences may be sent to LELAND BURNS, e-mail Leland@newworldranch.net or cell phone (817) 455-2015 or write to: LELAND BURNS, 336 S Pearson, Keller, TX (e-mail from LELAND BURNS forwarded by BILL NATION.)
TAPS continued: EVA LEE WILLIAMSON, wife of FRANCIS WILLIAMSON of D company, passed away August 5. EVA LEE and FRANCIS were married for 65 years. After the Normandy jump EVA LEE was informed that FRANCIS was MIA (Missing in Action). She did not know if her husband was dead or alive for eight months, at which time she learned that FRANCIS had been a prisoner of the f! Germans and was coming home. If you wish to write to the 1 WILLIAMSON family, their address is: 631 Twilight Tr, Richardson, i TX 75080. (ELLEN PETERS sent the sad news.)
   JlM ALLARDYCE of B Company has been in a Saginaw, Ml, hospital for most of August and was in ICU for a week. He was out of lCU but was | still hospitalized on August25. (Reported by JIM SMITH.)
The New 508th PIR as a part of the 4th Airborne Brigade is scheduled to be deployed to Iraq before the end of 2006, (From Fayetteville, NC newspaper clipping sent by JIM SMITH.)
1st Lieutenant ROY W. MURRAY was killed by a German sniper 6- J June 1944. After his D-Day landing, Lt. MURRAY joined a group of paratroopers under the command of Captain JONATHAN ADAMS of A Company. Captain ADAMS needed blood plasma for his wounded men, and i asked for volunteers to look for parachute equipment bundles with blood plasma. Lt MURRAY volunteered for the mission and it was on this mission that he was killed.
Lt MURRAY'S daughter, PAMELA MURRAY, booked a trip to Normandy a year ago and began to search for information about her father. PAMELA wants to express her gratitude to the many 508ers that helped her learn about her father. ERNIE LAMSON, TOM PORCELLA, FRANCIS LAMOUREUX, TOM SHANLEY, BILL NATION, ROCK MERRITT and NEAL BEAVER were especially helpful.
JEAN-BAPTISTE FEUILLYE, better known as -BOBBY", served as PAM's volunteer guide and French/English communicator. He took her to Hill 30 and showed her the spot where her father was probably killed and the wooded area where the German killer hid in the trees. BOBBY took her to TOM PORCELLA's Museum, where her father's picture with his name was displayed on the wall. At LUCIEN HASLEY's house, she viewed the monument that HASLEY had carved on a stonewall of his house. As a small boy HASLEY woke up during the night of June5/6,1944, and watched paratroopers landing around his home. The wall is HASLEY's tribute to the Airborne. PAMELA saw her dad's name carved on HASLEY's wall. Finally PAMELA visited her father's grave. Her own words about that; experience are: "I left flowers and many tears on his marker." Later in Paris she met GILLIS DUCROT, who has adopted Lt MURRAY'S grave, (Original e-mail forwarded by BILL NATION; later the editor exchanged e-mails with Ms MURRAY.)
   Note the amount of information BILL NATION has sup-:t: plied for this column. On behalf of BILL NATION'S many ^ friends, we wish to thank BILL for his past work as editor andf: his continuing service to the 508th community.

ZIG BOROUGHS, Interim Editor, P. 0. Box 1131, Pickens, SC 29671 PH: (864) 878-9523, e-mail: ralph.boroughs@att.net

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