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   Taps: RAYMOND T. O'CONNELL, Born September 19,1922 Died September 14 2006, interment Oct 7,2006 in Fullerton, California. A Memorial Service was held in the American Legion Hall, Bloomington, Minnesota on November 11 for RAY's family and friends in Minnesota, ERNIE LAMSON attended the service and reported this news.
RAY was in the Demolition Platoon, Hq Hq Company. RAY received a Bronze Star for heroic service in Holland. When asked what he had done to get the award, RAY couldn't remember. But HARRY HUDEC remembered and described RAY's brave action.
One dear bright night, the 3rd demo section had to lay a minefield in flatlands. A truck, loaded with mines, was parked a long way from where the mines were needed. The driver, fearing that a nit by German fire would destroy the truck and driver, left the truck and waited at some distance. RAY, knowing they would never get the job done hand-carrying the mines, exposed himself to enemy fire by driving the truck to the cover of a dyke, The demo crew then unloaded the mines and RAY returned the empty truck to the driver, again exposing himself to enemy fire.
  Taps: WILLIAM (BILL) GOUDY, reported by GEORGE STOECKERT, "Our beloved comrade WILLIAM (BILL) GOUDY (Hq 1st, 508th PIR WWII) died today 11/04/06. BILL died of pneumonia. Please send prayers and condolences to MABLE GOUDY and her family at410 Bukey Avenue, Williamstown, WV 26187-1312. Sgt BILL GOUDY was in Lt GEORGE STOECKERT's Mortar Platoon.
From ROCK MERRITT: BILL GOUDY made all the combat operations of the 508th and after the war provided the inspiration for starting the 508 Association.
KENNETH (ROCK) MERRITT: delivered the eulogy at BILL GOUDY's funeral in Williamstown, West Virginia. BILL was buried with full military honors, performed by members of American Legion Post 159.
One of STEVE TETAK's relatives sought information through the 508th Newsletter about TETAK's death. BILL GOUDY was happy to respond with the details because the same shell that killed STEVE TETAK wounded BILL. About the time I received information about GOUDY's death, JOE BRESSLER sent me a note about STEVE TETAK. Below are some quotes about STEVE.
Steve was a big, overgrown coalminer, strong as an ox.  STEVE always carried more gun parts and ammo than his share. Then he would bitch every step of the way. His favorite expression was, The Germans have horses for this sh_!
STEVE was a quiet guy, He did not go to town, did not gamble - sent his money home."
For more information about BILL GOUDY and STEVE TETAK see The 508th Connection, pages 386-387.
Taps: JAMES R. ALLARDYCE, of B Co died November 12,2006 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. This was reported by    JAMES SMITH and WALTER BARRETT. Condolences may be sent to ALLARDYCE's widow ANNE ALLARDYCE who has moved to an assisted living home. Her address is 255 Mayer Road, Apt 251M, Frankenmuth, Ml 48734. Phone: (989) 652-4251.
JlM's funeral was conducted in the Frankenmuth United Methodist Church, December 15,1006, with burial in Ottawa, Canada. JIM and ANNE had previously selected burial sites among ANN'S people in Canada.
JlM ALLARDYCE now rests in peace after a long painful illness. Throughout JlM's illness, he and ANNE had the support and comfort of their large family. Most of whom lived nearby.
For 19 years JIM ALLARDYCE served faithfully as Secretary of the 508th PIR Association. He kept the roster up to date; he wrote and mailed out the newsletters; he kept up with all the correspondence, minutes and other records; and he served on the Board of Governance. JIM told me, when I succeeded him as Secretary, that the job required an average of about 20 hours a week. I can personally verify that statement as being true.
JlM ALLARDYCE transferred the responsibility of Secretary in a smooth and effective way and he continued to help throughout the years. JIM was a wonderful friend and dedicated servant of the 508th PIR Association!
RAHAM LAWSON, Friend of the 508th: GRAHAM LAWSON of Nottingham, England sent the following message for me to pass on to the Association: Address graham.nott508@ntlworid.com.
I would like to thank the 508th Family and Friends Association for the great hospitality shown me. I met new friends, as well as friends I met at last year's reunion, who embraced me with a welcoming smile and a hug.
Also thanks must go to the PALMER Family, who put on a great reception. Thanks, TROY.
ROCK MERRITT showed great leadership and quality. He should have run for congress. The world would be a better place with 10 ROCKS around.
s the winter months start to settle in and those dark days and nights approach, you shall all be in my thoughts. Until we meet again, God Bless, GRAHAM.
ZIG BOROUGHS, Interim 508th STATIC LINE Columnist
P.O. Box 1131
Pickens. SC 29671
PH: (864) 878-9523
e-mail: ralph.boroughs@att.net

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