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JUNE 2007

   TAPS: HARRY HUDEC, HQ HQ Company, died March 28 2007, just five days after his 85th birthday. HARRY HUDEC was Mr Airborne. He did not miss many airborne reunions or tours. He stood out in size, with his powerful voice and with his commanding ways. Wherever paratroopers meet in the United States, England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, HARRY is well known.
   HARRY loved the Airborne with a passion. Before HARRY was discharged from the 508th, he gathered the civilian address of all his friends and keep up with them. He organized the Regimental Headquarters Company for yearly reunions. He kept all the names and addresses and phone numbers current and wrote newsletters to all of us. HARRY would add a personnel note in longhand to express his love to each of us and to our wives. HARRY kissed all the women and the men. He was a real macho man who did not hesitate to show loving affection to males and females.
   As HARRY'S activities were curtailed because of, Alzheimer's disease, it was hard for HARRY to cope. He was not the same jovial happy HARRY. However, on the day of HARRY'S death, Mrs ELVIRA (BABE) JUSEK, widow of JIMMY JUSEK, and her son BOB, who was a paratrooper in Vietnam, visited HARRY for two hours and reported: "HARRY was his old self, laughing and joking and, as they left, he called out his favorite farewell "Airborne!" An hour later BABE received word that HARRY had died.
   HARRY'S ashes were buried with his beloved wife DOROTHY 1 (DORT) in Memorial Park Cemetery, Sedalia, Mo, on April 6.
   Condolences may be sent to HARRY'S daughter and son-' in-law: SUSAN and DALE BIRKO, 11676 Kile Road, Chardon, OH 44042. Memorials may be sent to: Solon VFW Post 1836, 7040 Pettibone Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44063. (Reported
   SlCK CALL: Mrs LAURA PALMER, widow of LARRY PALMER, HQ 1st has had a heart attack. The family is encouraged by her recovery progress. (From TROY PALMER, relayed by GEORGE STOECKERT.) BILL CLARK, A Co has been in the Carl Vinso VA Center, Dublin, GA. BILL said by phone that he is getting excellent care and hopes to return home soon. MARCEL BOLLAG, Hq Hq is at home recovering from a stroke. (I learned about BOLLAG and CLARK through BRIAN SIDDALL, a friend of the 508th).
   June 6, 1944, D-Day for the Allied Invasion of Normandy: I have learned that some of you are planning to tour the battlefields of Normandy and celebrate the historic events of Airborne History this June. I know you will be full of stories and I want to hear them.
Book Review: The Devil Within, by ALLAN H. STEIN with CYNTHIA STEIN, Publish America, Baltimore, 2004. ALLAN STEIN served with the 508th, F Company in Holland and in the Battle of the Bulge. According to a description on the back of the book, STEIN earned a Bronze Star and 2 Purple Hearts; the last Purple Heart was the result of an explosion which left him permanently disabled. The book is fiction, however there are some things that our Red Devils will recognize, such as "Wolton Park" and "General Slim Jim", and "over the wall to Beaston" to find a Pub to drink warm beer and to sing and to dazzle the British ladies. The hero of the novel is EUGENE STONE, a big muscular Jew from New York City, with a natural talent for fighting as a boxer, as a bar room brawler and as a combat paratrooper. For the rest of the story, it is up to you to find out by reading the book. I read it in one afternoon without stopping. To obtain a copy, contact ALLAN H. STEIN, 11 Briarpatch Place, Newport News, VA 23606-3731.
Essay by ANGELINA SPEARA FULLER, with technical assistance from NORMA GARDINI HICKMAN: ANGELINA SPERA FULLER has been writing for years about her two families, the SPERAS and the FULLERS and about the history of Madera, California and its farms and vineyards, and most recently about her brother, Paratrooper LOUIS SPERA, I Company, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment and 551st Parachute Battalion. ANGELINA contacted LOUIS' many friends from the Airborne Community and these new friends are now a part of her beloved Airborne Family.
   ANGIE's friend NORMA HICKMAN, with the use of her computer has put together 195 pages of ANGIE's essay, including many interesting photographs. The book has been published primarily for the immediate SPERA/FULLER family.  However, if members of her Airborne Family would like a copy, you may contact ANGELINA FULLER, 413 Willis Ave, Madera, CA 93637-4372. Phone (559) 674-4345.
Send news for column to
ZIG BOROUGHS, Interim 508th STATIC LINE Columnist
P.O. Box 1131
Pickens. SC 29671
PH: (864) 878-9523
e-mail: ralph.boroughs@att.net

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