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Dear 508 Veterans,
            Family Members,
                         or Friends of the 508th

508 Man of the Year

     Zig Boroughs is now officially the 508 Man of the Year. Don Lassen of Static Line honored Zig at the 30th Annual Reunion of the 508 PIR Association’s reunion held in October 2004 at Gainesville, Florida. As many readers are well-aware, Zig has devoted a great portion of his time and energy over many years to preserving the history of the 508.

     As previously mentioned in last month’s column, Zig’s latest book, “The 508 Connection,” is now in print, and copies are available for purchase. Those interested in “The 508 Connection” can contact Zig by phone at (864) 878-9523 (or see other information regarding the book and ordering at

Veterans’ Day Commemorated at Arlington National Cemetery

On November 9, 2004, in the Arlington National Cemetery, George Stoeckert HQ1 and Russell Mayer HQ2, accompanied by Richard C. Becker, 82nd Airborne Division Association President, the division color guard, and bugler, placed a wreath at the 508th PIR monument and at the grave of 1st Sgt. Leonard Funk’s grave.
Among the relevant remarks offered during ceremonies was the announcement the 508 PIR Association had retired on October 19, 2004 at Camp Blanding, Florida. This announcement was met with emotion by a large, delightful group of airborne-oriented people. Best wishes and expressions of sadness were expressed by many people. (Text provided by George Stoeckert)

Information Needed Concerning Lou Spera

Michael Vilhauer, nephew of Lou Spera (who was killed in a loading accident at Fulbeck Field in England, September 2, ’44), is searching for as much information as he can find about his uncle and the circumstances of his death.

Mr. Vilhauer invites all who can help him learn about his uncle to contact him by emailing him at mv3068@charter.net

HQ2 and Company H Reunion Planned for March in Tucson, Arizona, March 11-13, 2005

Chet Graham HQ2 informs me his company and members of “H” Company are planning a mini-reunion March 11-13 (Friday through Sunday), 2005, in Tucson, Arizona. Details will be made available as they are received.
Though this reunion is being planned by HQ2 and H Companies, all 508ers are welcome.

508 Mementos

Readers of the 508 PIR Newsletter interested in purchasing 508 patches and crests, there is information available in the final newsletter that recently arrived in your mailboxes (or will soon be arriving) about additional supplies of 508-related memorabilia.

508 Mini Reunion Held in Dallas, December 11, 2004

An unofficial, unadvertised mini reunion was held on Saturday, December 11, at the home of Ellen Peters. Ellen, a long-time friend of the late Worster Morgan (HQHQ) and his widow, Lynn, invited Lynn, Francis Williamson (D Company) and his family, Deborah Abraham (daughter of the late Robert Abraham, HQHQ) and her husband, Rob Gawel, to a Christmas gathering at her home.

Francis described some of his experiences in Normandy, including being with the group of 508ers when Gen. Falley was killed on the morning of D-Day and the challenges he faced being held a POW for eight months after being captured on June 11, ’44.

Though this was a small gathering of 508ers, the spirit of the regiment was palpable, and a “devilish” time was had by all.

World War II Registry of Remembrance

Lucille Shanley, widow of the late Tom J.B. Shanley (HQHQ) reports it is now possible for veterans of WWII to have their names (and photographs, if so desired) added to the World War II Registry of Remembrances, which will be accessible on site at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. Those interested in registering WWII veterans can register by mail by writing to:

WWII Memorial Processing Center
P.O. Box 186
Calverton, NY 11933-0186

Those interested in registering on-line can do so by viewing www.wwiimemorial.com and then “clicking” on the “WWII Registry” button.

Registration is free, but there is a fee to add a photograph or to receive a certificate.

Phone inquiries can be made by calling the World War II Memorial Processing Center (toll free) at 1-800-639-4992.


Bill C. Nation
Email: bnation@sw.rr.com

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