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April 2010

     OCTOBER 2010 REUNION UPDATE – The reunion agenda will be finalized when the association board meets in Atlanta this month during All Airborne Week. Be sure to attend our best reunion yet! It will be held in Oklahoma City, OK, October 20 through 24, 2010. If you haven’t registered yet, click on the “2010 REUNION” button at www.508PIR.org to print a registration form!
     508TH HISTORY – As a by-product of the research that goes into the web site, a database of all men assigned to the 508th, however briefly, during WW-II is being developed. It has been theorized, we are told, that as many as 10,000 men passed through the regiment during the war. Although not yet fully transcribed, copies of various General, Special and Company level orders as well as the Morning Reports, have already contributed more than 4600 names. We are certain that we will identify even more.
     MORNING REPORT TRANSCRIPTIONS – Extracting the information from the Morning Reports for the period October 1942 through May 1945 is underway and quite a few have been completed; but more help is needed. If you can use either Microsoft WORKS or EXCEL and have time to transcribe a few reports, let us know.
Reports typically use a single 4x8 page for each day of the month. Most dates do not use all of the 22 available lines. If you have interest in a particular company and it hasn’t yet been assigned, we will accommodate your request. (See the contact information at the bottom of this column.

     FACEBOOK USERS – you can become a fan of the 2-508 at http://www.facebook.com/2.508PIR?ref=nf. Use the link to view photos of the 2nd Battalion men in Afghanistan and keep in touch with the unit news.
     D-DAY 2010 CEREMONIES - Vivian Roger, Secretary, Association U. S. Normandie "mémoire et gratitude" has advised that the agenda for this year’s ceremonies can be viewed on a bi-lingual page at www.sainte-mere-eglise.info/en/pageLibre00014047.html. Check it out!
     RESEARCHER SEEKING – Military historian ROBERT CLARK writes that he would like to have contact with veterans of all eras as well as family members on the home front for his three separate studies. ROBERT is interested in the typical sort of general service recollections but also has two sub-projects.
     His side interests include, first, veterans with “animal stories”, whether working with military animals such as guard dogs, messenger pigeons or mascots and, secondly, veterans who had “unusual psychic or unexplained experiences.” This could include ghost sightings, premonitions, good luck charms, near death experiences, UFO sightings, etc.
     If you have stories in any of these three categories that you wish to share, please contact ROBERT CLARK at History Projects, P.O. Box 685, Collinsville, IL 62234.
     WOLLATON MONUMENT IN JEOPARDY – Nottingham City Council may withdraw the 508 project at Wollaton Park due to shortage of funds caused by the recession.
 GRAHAM LAWSON (508th Friend) and PAULINE ARMSTRONG (Nottingham University) are both quite distraught at the news. They are actively seeking support to bring the project back into play.

     RIGGER REMINISCING – If you were in Service Company and worry that you are losing your touch, fear no more. We recently added a 10-page manual issued by The Parachute School at Fort Benning in 1943 which details how to pack a parachute. Check it out and brush up on those critical skills!
     TAPS – FAYETTE O. RICHARDSON (Co H), of Brooklyn, NY left us on March 26, 2010 after an extended illness.
                 JOHN BOONE (Hq 1), of Salem, OR died on March 12, 2010. Sadly, his wife Helen died at almost the same time; so closely that they appear in the same obituary notice.
     Also recently noted: DUWAYNE ERDMANN (508 ARCT 1951-54) of Wausau, WI in October 2009 and ANTHONY L. LAJUDICE (508 ARCT, Korean era) of Norwood, PA.
                FRANCIS MAHAN (Co I) - Sometimes artifacts surface slowly; we recently added two obituary notices to the web site for Lt. Col (Ret.) FRANCIS MAHAN who passed away in Fayetteville NC almost 15 years ago.

     Other recent updates, whether for obituaries or grave marker photos, documented Final Jumps dating between 1961 and 2006.


Dick O’Donnell
760 Conestee Drive

Melbourne, FL 32904
PH: (321) 759-6174
e-mail: Jumpmaster@508PIR.org

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