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July 2010

     OCTOBER 2010 REUNION UPDATE – The registration deadline is looming and may have closed by the time that you read this. If it is not already too late, make sure that you submit your form today. Go to www.508pir.org and click on REUNION 2010.
     ASK A QUESTION, GET AN INTERESTING ANSWER – as we stated in our last column, researching can often yield some delightful facts!
Recently we posed a question to GEORGE STOECKERT (Hq 1st) regarding warrant officers and, in part, received the following response:
     “Until the start of WW II, Army Warrant Officers were entitled to one salute a day and that only from the regimental Sergeant Major. Also as a Warrant Officer was neither an officer nor an enlisted man, he could not belong to the officers club or eat in the officer’s mess or the enlisted mess hall. The single ones ate in the enlisted men's kitchen. Further, Doctors, Nurses, Chaplin's, etc. had a relative rank (sort of honorary) and were not entitled to a hand salute - a carryover from the old Sutler system.”
     We had to look up the “Sutler” reference but it boiled down to the fact that a Sutler was a civilian appointed by the Secretary of War to sell goods to military units. Each Sutler operated for profit and appointments came through political connection or even bribery. Those assigned to military posts usually operated in a permanent building while those assigned to field units usually transported their goods by covered wagon. Brings back memories of old movies!
     TAPS – We recently observed the passage of some troopers.
          LAWRENCE G. FITZPATRICK (Hq 1st), a Silver Star recipient, June 2010, DuBois, PA.
          JAMES W. MORRELL (Co G), June 2010, Redding, CA; and,
          THOMAS M. TOPER (Co F), October 2009, Anchorage, AK.
     Late notices were also received for several Company F troopers including:
          DONALD E. DARNUTZER, December 1991;
          WILLIAM F. HISAMOTO, December 1964;
          ESPER C. JEPSEN, December 1999; and
          WILLIAM J. STEVELINE, June 1977

     WOLLATON MEMORIAL DEDICATION – England’s Armed Forces Weekend held special significance at Wollaton Park this year as the long-awaited 508th memorial was dedicated.
     The opening ceremony included a Service conducted by the REVEREND MEIKE GAYNOR, Wollaton and the parading of the Historical American Honor Guard Group.
     The Salute was taken by Tim Richmond, MBE, the Vice-Lord Lieutenant Of Nottinghamshire along with the Royal British Legion Standard Bearers.
     JOHN SAVAGE and GRAHAM LAWSON addressed the ceremony with JOHN’S memories of the Park during WW2 and GRAHAM reading a letter of thanks from the Chairman of the Family and Friends of the 508th PIR Association.
     JOHN SAVAGE recalled how, as a 12-year-old, he would make fish and chips “runs” for troopers who were confined to camp while making ready for the D-Day Drop. Upon return with the goods, JOHN would whistle “Sing Baby Sing” at the Tent City fence, a special signal so that other troopers wouldn’t steal the food.
     He gratefully remembered that the troopers, true to form, always told him to keep the change.
     The dedication event was very well attended with an audience of hundreds, many of whom also toured the Wollaton 508th museum.
     GENEROSITY NOTED – a number of people literally appeared out of nowhere recently with memorabilia to donate to the association. In three cases the individual was not even related to a 508er, they just came across some interesting items that they felt needed a better home and found us on the internet.
     As a consequence we have received a few photos, including the original H Company montage, still in its original presentation folder, as well as copies of an April 1945 Devils Digest, the 3rd Anniversary book ... and others. This isn't the first time this has happened and we marvel at the caring that some people exhibit. They all chose not to be identified by name but we certainly acknowledge them by deed.
     A big Red Devil thanks goes to all of them even though they probably will never read this. If somehow they do, they know who they are.


Dick O’Donnell
760 Conestee Drive

Melbourne, FL 32904
PH: (321) 759-6174
e-mail: Jumpmaster@508PIR.org

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