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Headstone Inscription Record
shows initial burial at Molenhoek at Plot A, Row 9, Grave 175

Resulting Grave Marker
placed on Edward's final resting place in Margraten at at Plot P, Row 1, Grave 11

Luud Gorissen
has adopted Edward's grave
Grave Site of Edward Trybulowski
decorated with his photo and flags of the United States and The Netherlands

Memorial Day 2013
Dutch veterans of WW II, Korean and Bosnian War

Salute of Gratitude
after grave adopter Luud Gorissen (center) placed flowers

Grave marker for SSgt Edward Trybulowski at Plot P Row 1 Grave 11 in Margraten American Cemetery, Holland. 

SSgt Trybulowski was killed in action on September 23, 1944.  His awards include the Purple Heart.  He was initially interred in the temporary American cemetery at Molenhoek in Plot A, Row 9, Grave 175 with a peg marker.  His remains were laid to final rest in the Margraten Cemetery on 2 March 1949 at Plot P Row 1 Grave 11.

His grave site has been adopted by Luud Gorissen who proudly cares for it. 

Luud was lucky enough to meet Edward's sister and brother who gave him the picture of Edward shown here at the grave.  Every Memorial Day Luud and all "adoptive parents" pay a visit and place flowers at the graves of their adopted sons.