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    Grave marker for 1st Lt. Gene H. Williams in the family plot in Tower Height cemetery in West Frankfurt (Franklin County), Illinois
 . The family brought his body back from France after the war.
   In this same plot lies Lt. Williams' father who lost an eye September 1914 during WW-I in the first battle of the Marne.
  Also in repose within this plot is an Uncle who was a WW-I veteran, as well as his Grandfather and Grandmother.

Lt. Williams was killed in action on June 20, 1944 and was awarded the Purple Heart.

Memorial Day Memoriam

   Each year the twin sons of Lt. Gene Williams leave a poster at the Washington DC WWII Memorial in front of the Paratrooper Bronze to honor the father they never knew but have never forgotten.
   Lt. Gene Williams' twin sons Gene and Jack are in their Vietnam gear on left...a Special Forces friend from Vietnam is on the right

Pathfinders Are History

Jack Williams wrote an extensive six-page article about the 508th Pathfinders, including his father, Lt. Gene Williams.   The article was published in the Special Forces Association Sentinel, April 2017 edition and begins on page 5.

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