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Jerries Object to Sharing Shack With Pfc. Canard

   When the fellows of E Company, 508th Parachute Infantry, sneak of bedfellows, Private First Class Curtis Canard of headquarters section smiles knowingly— for it was Canard's unhappy experience to have the strangest.
   It was during the bitter "Battle of the Bulge" when E Company was in reserve, pulled back for a breathing spell after working out along the Salm River. Canard, together with four members of the company, moved out to set up and defend a road block some distance from our lines.
   During the night the Jerries succeeded in getting through the position after bringing up three tanks and supporting infantry and were on the prowl somewhere between the block and E Company's MLR [Main Line of Resistance].
   Canard arid his buddies planned to infiltrate back but in the darkness Canard became separated from the small group. Alone, he decided to wait until morning to complete the trip back and looked around for a. place to sleep.
   After a brief search he found a house which apparently was still occupied. Outside was a small wagon with a team still in harness. There was smoke coming from the chimney.
   As far as Canard was concerned, he warned nothing more than to spend the next few hours enjoying the warm hospitality of a Belgium farmhouse. Finding the door open, he walked in arid saw the three people who were living there asleep. He decided not to awaken them, but to wait until morning to introduce himself.
   He lay down by the fire, his rifle at his side, and within a minute was sound asleep.
   Some time later in the night, he awoke suddenly and found someone leaning over him. He was blinded by a flashlight shining in his face. In an instant he recognized one of his three 'hosts'. He was a Jerry.
   Canard started a well-aimed shoulder block but before he could reach pay dirt, the Jerry smashed him across the nose with the flashlight. The blow dropped him to the floor but in an instant Canard was on his feet, this time with a bayonet in his hand.
   The Jerry let out a yell for help to his two companions in the next room and then headed for the nearest exit. Conrad stopped to pick up his rifle and then followed him outside.
   He cut loose with the three rounds remaining in the clip and then decided this was the best time to rejoin the company. He did. It was a few days before Canard admitted where he got the beat up nose despite intensive questioning by his buddies. He declined to apply for the Purple Heart.
"That's my first and last attempt at shacking up with the Jerries," Canard explained, "and as far as this non-fraternization program is concerned, that's for me from here out."


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