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James Edwards  Recounts Vietnam Experience

   On the morning of the 26th [August, 1968], we moved out from our night defensive position and moved up about 800 meters where the point platoon got hit, coming under heavy small arms fire and automatic weapons fire," Edwards recalled.

   "The third platoon was moving too fast ahead of us.  The company commander told me to go up and take over the third platoon.  I moved up to take over.  The point squad had gotten separated from the main portion of the platoon.  I reorganized the platoon and we started to move again."

   "For at least an hour we were exposed to enemy fire.  I had to locate the point squad with my radio operator and an another man.  We advanced and located them.  They were almost out of ammunition. Most of the men had only one magazine (20 rounds) and some had two.

   The enemy as firing on them and moving down to their position.  I had everyone move back except for three men.  The radio operator, another man and I stayed up there throwing hand grenades.  They were fixing to assault but we drove them back.  When they pulled back, i moved back and reorganized the platoon."

   The first sergeant [Edwards] and his men remained on the hill for four days, receiving heavy mortar fire from all sides.

[The Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville, NC, 17 September 1969-

[Jumpmaster Note:  Sergeant Edwards received the Distinguished Service Cross for this action]

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