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Harry Hauri wrote to the Jumpmaster in February 2012 and related the following [some minor editorial changes were made]:
I took part in the last jump the 508th made near Frankfurt, Germany, 1946.

I jumped out of the airplane and the first thing I remember is that I was flat on my back in the middle of another parachute.

I Looked up top see no parachute above me.   I heard the guy below me, "You S.O.B., get off my chute!"

I got up to walk to the edge of the other person's parachute, it wasn't easy walking as the chute went down on each step.

As I reached almost to the edge my feet went through the cords of the other chute.

Boy, did I drop fast past the other guy! Then I got pulled back up when my chute opened part way.

I had been too close to the ground for I heard someone yell, "Hang on!"  Then I head someone ask, 'Are you hurt?"  After that I don't remember too much.

I don't think the other guy was hurt or that he picked up his chute since they were so tangled up together.

It is most likely that I can't find the other paratrooper now, but I would like to.

I wonder if anyone ever wrote a book on these things. I am sure that this would have happened to others and IO hope they turned out as well as mine.

I would appreciate it very much if I heard from you.  I will give you my phone number [608-754-9105] but I don't hear the best on the phone.

Yours Truly
/s/ Harry Hauri
6306 W. Lowry Rd.
Janesville, WI  53548-9254

[Note:  if you know of similar experiences, or just want to get in touch with Harry, please do so.  Writing may be the better choice rather than using the telephone, however.]

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