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  An Oakdale man who hit the beaches on D-Day and has seen the movie "The Longest Day' says it is an excellent portray of events and as realistic as a movie could possibly be.
   Tommy Home, who was a 22-year old paratrooper, was air dropped into action about 1:30 a.m., June 6, as a member of the 508th Infantry Parachute Regiment.
   As they came down through the air by parachute they could see a nearby town burning which he says is also shown in the picture.
   But from the time he hit the ground the trouble began. Tommy said that only four from his plane survived the air drop and they landed in a lake and were pinned down by enemy fire until about daylight when they managed to find a small cove from which they could emerge unseen.
    All heavy weapons were lost in the parachute drop according to Horne and the carbine he had with him would not fire from the night in the water. So he was a combat soldier in enemy territory without a weapon, except a knife.
   He found a crashed glider in which everyone had been killed and got himself a rifle. Later in the morning his group of four joined with other paratroopers and formed a unit of approximately 20 men.
   This was a short lived unit though says Home. He and three others were sent to take a German machine gun which had them pinned down. One of the four was

killed as he got up, but Home and the other two paratroopers went on to check out the gun position and while they were busy doing that the remainder of the remainder of the 20 men were captured by the Germans.
   Home says all the action for the next couple of days for him was with small units and he didn't know if the American troops had hit the beaches or not for about three days.
   Tommy said the going was rough and his company was 140 strong when they went into action and only 40 men made it back to England with the unit when they were pulled 'out after more than a months intense combat duty. All officers but two of Home's company were lost in action, and he said units took a worse beating than his.
   Home went back into action in a parachute jump into Holland on September 17 at about noon, end was wounded in action on September 19 and spent the next two months in the hospital.
   Then he was back in action during the Battle of the Bulge.
   Home who has been an employee of Newport Industries here in Oakdale for the past 15 years, says he and his entire family are looking forward to seeing "The Longest Day as second time when it comes to Oakdale and the Delta Theater beginning August 3.

[The Oakdale Journal, Oakdale, L, 01 Aug 1963, Thu, Page 3\

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