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An incident recounted by Joel Lander describes Harry Kennedy's performance on a patrol in Holland.  Kennedy's coolness in this stressful situation caused Lander to reconsider his opinion of Harry,


This concerns Harry Kennedy of the S-2 'section.  Back then Harry was known as Hans.  Harry joined us a little later than the rest of the group, so I didn't know him as well as the others.

He made the Normandy jump and was invaluable as an interpreter for prisoners.  However, this story doesn't involve Normandy; it is connected with the Holland jump.

Harry was younger than the rest of us.  In fact I thought he was somewhat naive, and that worried me. How would a naive person perform in a tight situation?  This is how he performed.

One night returning from a patrol in Holland we were challenged by a German sentry.  We immediately dropped to the ground.  My adrenalin was spilling all over the place and my heart beating loud enough to be heard by the whole German army.

Harry didn't hesitate.  He approached the sentry.  It was pitch black so no one could see what type of uniforms were being worn.  Harry, in his perfect German, said something to the effect: "I am Hans.  We re on patrol.  Our commander failed to give us the password, so I don't know what it is."  After brief further conversation, the sentry passed us on.

From that moment on i knew that "young naive person" was a real man, a quick thinker whom I and the rest of the patrol will be forever indebted. 

- END-

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