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    Logan Guerra found this letter from Hugh Queen written to his wife, Agatha Grace [nee Durbin] Queen in 1944.in a shop in Tulsa, OK.  He would like to return the original to any Queen family descendants but thus far has been unable to locate anyone. 
   Should you know of a family member, please Email Logan

Passed by Army Examiner 29337, on 14 February 1944 and postmarked a day later, this six-cent Airmail should have moved faster than a V-Mail letter would have.

Note that Pfc Queen's return address includes API 813 which was the Belfast, Ireland area.

Feb 13, 44

My Dearest Darling,
   How is my one and only today.  I hope you are just swell.  I sure would like to see you.  But that is just wishful thinking.  Maby [sic, multiple times in the letter, s/b 'Maybe"] it won't be too long before we can be together again.  Sweet I just live for the day that I can come home to you.
   You asked if the people were nice over here.  Yes! sweet the people are grand and they will go out of their way to be nice to you.  But the girls.  Wow!!  I would give anything just to see one pretty American

girl.  Especially one that I know.  I think you know who she is.  Darling I am not Kidding you can ask any of the guys.  The girls here are horrible.  Not that i care for them but I would hate to die now and not even see one pretty girl  Well I guess you think I am cracking up. And maby I am.
   Sweet there really isn't much to write of as I have told you about all there is to tell.  Or mayb may I should say I can or am allowed to write.  There is a loit I would like to tell and a lot of things
I know you would enjoy hearing But I had better wait until I see you.
   Tell Gonga [sic] that I diden't [sic] get sea-sick.  I don't knew why she haven't heard from me as I have written several times.  I guess a lot of the mail gets lost.  I hope not too much of it though.
   Well sweet I must close for tonight.  And t will be a couple of days before I write again.

All My Love,

P.S. I love you.

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