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FYI to all, remembering WW2, even for me at 95!!!!
   I was a motor pool Sgt. at one time, with the 508 Parachute Infantry Regt. stationed at Bad Homburg, north of Frankfurt, Germany, after the war, and I was in charge of our company vehicles; so I and one of the German civilians who worked in the company's kitchen, went deer hunting with one of our Jeeps, in a forest/game preserve nearby, and he had always wanted to hunt there, but only the aristocracy and the Nazis could hunt there, so he was only too glad to take me hunting as my guide; I got a big buck, brought it back for our kitchen to cook as we did not have very much meat in our diet then, and then what happened?? The officers wanted to hunt also, but the Jeep that I had used was the CO's private Jeep; I was then ordered to "procure" another Jeep so the officers {platoon leaders} could also go hunting.
   Well, I had the orders::: I had two of my buddies "find us another Jeep”; it turned out that they then "found" a good MP Jeep!!!  So, I then had them take it to the regimental motor pool and had them paint over all the MP letters [insignia] and paint on some new but fake numbers etc., and then the officers had a Jeep of their own to go hunting in!!!
   Want to hear another good story about my "exciting post-war service" involving one of my trucks??? Next time!!!!
  'Ol Joe, formerly "I" company 505 PIR wartime, 508 PIR occupation duty, 505 Parachute Infantry Regt. in the 82nd Airborne Infantry Division. 3 Years 5 Months And 2 Days WW2; 3 years in The Parachute Infantry Army Reserves; PP/Past President of the 82d Airborne Division Association of 1954; today my Arizona chapter is named: The Phoenix Joseph P. Schwan Chapter -- do I get to brag a little too???
   Many of my relatives don't know much about me and WW2 ... Airborne!!! All the way!!! Today, just 'ol Joe 95 and still walking & talking-------------kindly forgive me for the story---but the Jeep was also the most important vehicle for us!!!!!

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