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NOV. 24, 1975

   Dear Mac:

   I can't tell you how good It was to talk to you last night after all these years It Is like a miracle the way the old company A men are turning up. As I told you there is a guy named Don Lassen in Georgia that started a paper a few years ago and thru him we have found about 25 of the guys.

   We had our first reunion in Chicago July 4 in 75 and 11 of the A company men were there. Starting with Adams, Combs, Jahnigan, Malcom, Blue, Smith, Clnfrani, Brickey, Holdford, White and myself and then last July we had 11 more new ones show up and they were Lamm, Cannon, Hook. Burrows, Wodowskl, Koons, Prestoz, Whiting, Lefebvre, Newell and Karmltskl. The guys that we have addresses on that haven't attend-either time are Paul Mllstead, Homer Hall, John Foley, John Schmaltz, John Schultz and Frank Cartwright who we found just last week so if you want any of these guys addresses just let me no.

   The guys that I no that have died since the war were Drury was killed in a plane crash in 63 in Delrio Texas, . van Enwyck died in a Industrial accident about 65, Charley Gushue died of a brain tumor about five years ago, Johnny Robert's of a heart attach about the same time and Rex Combs died of a heart attack the 4th of July last year while attending the reunion in Chicago. If you are in touch with any of the old A company men I would sure like to have there addresses, it seems we have about found them all but there are still a few still alive somewhere if we can just dig them up.

  Jim Blue and James Smith (former first sgt. (company B) are making the arrangements for the reunion next year on September the 9th in Fayetteville North Carolina and have set up exhibition jumps and visits to the 82nd mueseum so I think it will be well worth the effort to attend.  I no the last two years the three days just aren't long enough to get all the lies told after thirty odd years. I think I and the wife may go a couple of days early so we can look around some of the towns we lived in at the time we were at McCall. . Henry Lefebvre. stopped by here on the way home from the last reunion and we sure had two days of hashing over the old days. Adams left the reunion and went to Calif, where he had a massive heart attack and had to have a open heart surgery but is doing fine and will make it alright.

   Well Mac this is about it for now, take care of your self and as I say if you want any of the addresses or if you have any new ones let me have them. Take care and will look forward to seeing you in Fayetteville next year.

s/ Frank

Jumpmaster Notes:
[the personalities, alphabetically, by surname, with spelling corrections and additional information]
Adams  Adams, Jonathan E A 1/Lt-Capt. [1917-1984]
Blue Blue, James R A Pvt-Pfc-Cpl [1919-2004]
Brickey Brickey, John E A Pvt-T5-Sgt [1922-1990]
Burrows Burrows, Lewis M A Pvt [1924-2002]
Cannon Cannon, A. B. A Pvt-Pfc [1925-1996]
Cartwright Cartwright, Frank B A Pvt-Pfc [1925-1996]
Clnafrani Cianfrani, Anthony A Pvt-Sgt [1921-1991]
Combs Combs, Rex G A 1/Lt [1912-1976]
Drury Drury, Cloysce E A Pvt-Cpl-Sgt [1922-1959]
Foley Foley, John P A 2/Lt-1-Lt [1918-2008]
Gushue Gushue, Charles A A Pvt-Cpl-Sgt-SSgt [1923-1967]
Hall Hall, Homer E A Pvt-Sgt [1911-2003]
Holdford Holdford, Albert W A Pvt-Pfc-T5 [1922-2014]
Hook Hook, Kenneth H A Pvt-Cpl [1922-2018]
Jahnigan Jahnigen, Herman W A
Karmltskl Karmitzski, Sam A Pvt-Pfc-Sgt [1914-1987]
Koons Koons, Charles H A Pvt-Pfc-Sgt [1919-2005]
Lamm Lamm, George D A 2/lt-1/Lt [1918-1992]
Lefebvre Lefebvre, Henry E A
1/Lt (Normandy)
Capt (Holland, etc.)
"Mac" McMillan, Eugene A A Pvt-Pfc-Cpl-Sgt-SSgt [1923-2008]
Malcom Malcolm, Robert W A T5-Pfc [1923-2002]
Milstead Milstead, Paul W A Pvt-Cpl-Sgt [1913-1981]
Newell Newell, James M A Pvt-Pfc [1925-1990]
Prestoz Preztos, Bruno s A Pvt-Pfc-Sgt-SSgt [1921-1985]
Schmaltz Schmalz, Charles E A Pvt-Pfc-T5 [1921-1994]
Schultz Shultz, John A Pvt-Pfc-T4 [1925-2012]
Smith Smith, James W B Pvt-Cpl-SSgt-1st Sgt [1920-2011]
White White, Robert B A Pvt-Sgt [1926-2006]
Whiting Whiting, Marion F A Pvt-Pfc-Sgt-Sgt [1912-2002]
Wodowski Wodowski, Edward J A Pvt-Pfc-Sgt [1925-2008]
"and myself" Taylor, Frank C A Pvt-Sgt-1st Sgt [1916-1977]

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