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Ed Wheelock - German Paratrooper Attack

German Parachutists?

"At midnight on 22 Dec 1944 approximately, a German Fokker, similar to the one above, flew over our position in Rencheaux, Belgium at maybe 500 feet. A string of German paratroopers jumped and descended on our position. We all fired madly on the 'troopers. One of our guys shot one as he landed on his foxhole. When the dust settled, we found that they were straw filled dummies. That was a weird time."

I joined [the 508th] just in time for the 'Bulge'. Another thing. At the time, I had a carbine and it jammed after a couple of shots---I threw it away and got an M1. Things jammed in the cold. Another irony is that I am sure that if we had concentrated our fire on the Fokker we could have easily brought it down.

A couple of days earlier a couple of British Spitfires strafed us and, to be fair, they then strafed the Krauts across the river!

NOTE:  The aircraft in the photo that Ed supplied was mistakenly identified as a Fokker.  It is actually a Junkers JU-52 and was often used as a parachutists delivery vehicle for the German army.

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