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It is not known whether this undated narration from Bob White was written as an after-action report or a post-war memoir.

1. The 3rd Platoon had no Platoon Leader on the attack of Devils Hill. The Platoon Leader Lt. Combs was hit in the legs by flak before the jump and droped [sic] near Wyler, Germany.  2nd Lt Alexander was KIA in Nijmegen the night of 17 Sept.

2. As I recall S/Sgt Jahnigen acted as Platoon Leader for the 3rd Platoon.

3. The attack order was passed down the line just before we got to the ridge. We attack[ed] on the run over the ridge and down the north east side of the hill. The Germans on that side of the hill had their backs to us. The ones we did not kill ran down the hill into the woods.

4. After the attack the 3rd Platoon took the position that we ran the Germans out of.

5. I don't recall any KIA's or wounded in the 3rd Platoon.

6. I had no thoughts of being over run until we were low on ammo. At the time of one of the attacks we were low on ammo, I thought this was it.  I got out of my foxhole an[d] sat on the side of it to see better for my Sqd was on the side of the hill looking down into the woods.

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7. As for food and water after we were out we got it out of the dead German packs.

8. The system I used for security was ever another [sic] man awake two hrs at a time.

9. No rest for me the first night.

10. I was 100 yds or so from the C.P.

11. To see Lt. Foley I went to the C.P.

Robert White
Sqd leader 1st Sqd 3rd Platoon

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