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A Special Life Remembered

April 1, 2001

       Today, Lt. Kelso Horne and Louie are once again side-by-side. Kelso Horne, 88, died November 25,2000. On March 31,2001, Kelso's widow, Doris, Kelso II, and Kelso III, along with other family members flew to Normandy, France with the First Kelso Horne's ashes, to carry out his wishes, "... ashes to be scattered over the 'drop zone' the 508th made into Normandy."
       I understood fully when I reread Fred Gladstone's letter of March 6,2001 "on 4 July 1944, our Company had 56 men left of the 130 that jumped on D-Day. But at the end of July 4 there were only 15 left on the line. Our freedom had been paid with a great price."
       Yes, I fully understood Kelso's wish - his ashes to be scattered where many of his men had spilled their blood. Men [who] have never been forgotten by their buddies. They were proud of what they were doing for Freedom!  France honored these men by the highest award possible to be given to an allied soldier. "The French Fourragere with Palm!"
       In one letter Louie wrote, "Please don't worry about me. Now that I've been in battle - have gone through it, I'll be okay." I now understand why he thought that, as he was one of the only 15 troopers left.

April 7, 2001

        The eight members of Kelso' family returned to the US a few days later. I had a very emotional phone conversation with Doris Kelso. She told me that during the services her thoughts were that I, too, should have been with them, as where Kelso had been, so had Louis been (Kelso always called him the more formal name of "Louis" not "Louie" as the others had).
       The memorial service was an hour long High Mass held in the thousand-year old church of St. Mere Eglise (an area where there had been very heavy fighting). There were ceremonies held at various locations involving the American flag and homage to Kelso in both French and English given by Mr. Jutras, also the Mayor of St. Mere Eglise, as well as by the priest.


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