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       The accident occurred at Fulbeck Airfield in England, on September 2, 1944. It happened while unloading land mines rolled up in parapacks being placed on the ground in front of each 'jump plane' (DC3), later to be attached under the wings by that plane's crew. The planes were being made ready for their paratrooper drop into Belgium.
       Even though all had been well trained in handling the land mines, there was a mishap causing a horrendous explosion. Three men lost their lives and three planes demolished.
       Louie's duty that day was KP but [he] had exchanged duties with another whose duty was on the loading truck.
       April 8,2001, another surprise phone call from the State of Maine. Harold Broade and wife, asking if it would be possible for me to join them at this year's (2001) reunion in Florida. He was probably the last man to have spoken to Louie.


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