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508 RCT ca. 1950s,   FORT BENNING, NC
[Items in quotation marks were on the back of the photos, otherwise they are Jumpmaster comments]

Cleaning Machine Gun
keeping this water cooled gun ready for service keeps these men busy

"Mac, Hank and I"
was written on this photo but their full names are unknown
Company D, 508 RCT
Unknown trooper poses in front of the heavy machine gun platoon barracks
Two Troopers
dressed in field gear
Same Pair?
the man on right appears in the photo at left but the other man may be different
Fixed Bayonet
demonstrated by this man who may be one of the pairs shown at left
Parade Gear
worn by unidentified Sergeant

508 On Parade
in front of what may be
old field grade officers quarters on Main Post, Fort Benning
C-82 Takes Off
for a training jump.  Dubbed "Packet" this aircraft came into use late in the war and was phased out in the 50's.  See more about the C-82

Stick On A Stick
some kind of pole seems to split this group of 508ers during their descent

C-82 Returning

Break Time
these four men appear to need a few minutes off their feet. 

Grease Job
at the ready with an M3A1, this 45-caliber submachine gun was nicknamed the "Grease Gun" because of its similarity to the mechanic's tool.  It also helped to coin the term of "greasing" an enemy as it spit out slugs at 450 rounds per minute.

Getting Slick
shaving in the field puts a smile on this G.I.'s face although the man in the background doesn't seem to share the mirth

Heavy Haul
Lugging this Recoilless Rifle must have been tiring.
   Believed to be an M20 75mm caliber unit, it was 6' 10" inches long and weighed 114 lbs, and could be set up on the ground a tripod (seen here) or on a jeep.  It fired HE, Heat and Smoke rounds and was an effective anti-tank weapon commonly used in the 1950's. It was phased out but is still being used by the U.S. National Park Service as part of the avalanche control system.

(All above photos were purchased on EBay by Charles French.  Original owner unknown)

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