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508 RCT ca. 1950s,   FORT BENNING, NC
[Items in quotation marks were on the back of the photos, otherwise they are Jumpmaster comments]

Best Indication of Era
M-53 Sherman in front of three cars.  Rightmost vehicle is a 1950-52 Ford

Punishment Detail?
significance of ditch photo  is unknown but may be the site of some grueling hours of labor

Regimental Sign Post
sits across the street from a ball field

"T33 Jet and (illegible) Fighter at Lawson AFB"
Lawson Field is part of Ft. Benning

Big Guns
a formation of troops in front of 6 howitzers
"Moon Lake at Park, Phenix, AL
It's about a block long and a block wide. This is the only boat on this enormous body of water. Here is where they give you special boat rides.

"Grant Park, Atlanta
those are Civil War guns

Grant Park, Atlanta again
this is the site of Atlanta's zoo

Jeeps and Utility Trailers

More Jeeps and a Deuce-And-A-Half

"Hot Rod"
why this particular Jeep deserved the title is unknown
(All above photos were purchased on EBay by Charles French.  Original owner unknown)

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