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MEN OF THE 508TH ARCT - 1954

Medals Awarded
 508th ARCT, Fort Campbell, KY, 1 Oct 1954. General Harvey Fischer (center) is accompanied by Col Glenn McGowan [left] and his orderly Pfc Mickey Archibeque, as he presents medals to Lt. Russell B. Morgan, Cpl Jessie W. Clay and SFC Collingsworth.
   Lt. Morgan hailed from Colorado and was the C.O. of Hq Hq Company from 1953 to 1955.  Cpl Clay was an ex-POW having been captured on 23 April 1951. He was held in the Ch'ang-Song Camp until he was released on 28 August 1953.
Courtesy Mickey Archibeque]

Lt Col Gordon K. Smith
C.O., 1st Bn, 1954-55

Gordon Smith
on parade grounds, assumed to be Fort Campbell

Gordon K. Smith
in post-war photo, probably as a Major.  His wings appear to have 507th red background

Hook Up!
Gordon Smith prepares to jump. Note the 2nd Infantry Patch on his right sleeve and 11th Airborne Division patch on his left sleeve

POWs ?
Gordon Smith (2nd from right) and two other Americans pose with a man wearing Middle Eastern garb.  Date and location is unknown but may have been taken during or following being held as prisoners of war.

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