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11 August 44

SUBJECT Battlefield appointment as Second Lieutenant, AUS

TO: Commanding General, Ninth Army, APO 339 (Thru Channels)

1. Under the provisions of Circ. 59, Hqs. ETOUSA, 1 June 44, it is recommended that the following individual, having clearly demonstrated his fitness for appointment by outstanding performance in actual combat, be appointed as Second Lieutenant AUS.

A. Daune W. Morris 35398054 Sgt.

2. This Individual has clearly demonstrated his fitness for appointment by outstanding performance in actual combat as follows:

On 6 June 44 after the completion of a combat parachute drop in the vicinity of Blosville, Normandy, Sgt. Morris assembled a force of thirty men of Company H and in the absence of any officers, organised [sic] them into a rifle platoon and assumed command, notwithstanding the fact that the platoon included non-commissioned officers of higher grade. Sgt. Morris oriented himself and the platoon and set out for the pre-designated battalion assembly area in the vicinity of Etienville, a distance of about eight miles. During the course of the day, his platoon had numerous encounters with disorganized enemy forces but he maintained the organization of the platoon and continued on his mission until reaching a point on the Merderet River at Chef du Pont where enemy resistance made it impossible for him to continue on. At that point he organized his platoon on the defense and by patrols made contact with another provisional platoon of H Company under my command.

On June 10th, the company participated in a battalion attack on the town of La Porte and throughout the action, Sgt. Morris demonstrated a high degree of initiative and aggressiveness and succeeding in his platoon mission against a superior enemy force.

On June 20th, during the attack on Pretot, the officer assigned to Sgt. Morris' platoon became a casualty and again he assumed command and continued the attack into the town. There he organized his platoon into a defensive position and aided materially in making it possible for the company to hold the objective.

On July 3rd during the attack on La Dauderie, the company attacking as a frontline company, came under heavy flanking fire from enemy machine guns which inflicted numerous casualties and threatened to stop the company advance. Sgt. Morris in command of the left leading platoon, without order from the company commander, maneuvered his platoon rapidly and aggressively into a position to neutralize the enemy fire to such an extent that the company was able to continue the advance in its sector.

On July 4th during the attack on La Poterie Ridge, the company was stopped by intense enemy small arms, mortar and artillery fire and forced to withdraw after suffering numerous casualties. Altho [sic] wounded himself, Sgt. Morris continued to direct the withdrawal of his platoon and remained behind after his platoon had cleared until evacuated by aid men.

Throughout this operation, Sgt. Morris, by his courage, cool-headedness and initiative, was an inspiration to his men and through his actions, his platoon was able to effect a withdrawal with minimum casualties. For his part in the operation, Sgt. Morris was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action and the Purple Heart for wounds received. Throughout the training period prior to the combat operation, and during all phases of the operation, Sgt. Morris demonstrated a high degree of judgment and initiative and earned the respect of both men and officers with whom he worked.

1st Lt. Inf.

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