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On 6 October 1936, Rudolph Beres (line 13) arrived in New York City harbor aboard the SS. Hamburg  Listed as age 17 and a pupil. he appears to have traveled unaccompanied. Rudolph listed his father, A. Beres, Wiesbaden as his contact at home.  His destination was the home of his aunt, Elisab. Heuel, 313 Grammercy Place, Atlantic City, NJ.
Rudolph (see line #2), at age 19, sailed aboard the SS Veendam from Rotterdam, The Netherlands arriving in New York City harbor on September 1938. Classed as a student he held re-entry permits that had been issued on 21 June 1938. 
  His permanent home in the U.S. was listed as that of his aunt at 313 Grammercy Place, Atlantic City, NJ
Rudolph Beres, native to Wiesbaden (Prussia), Germany, enlisted in the U.S. Army at Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY.  He was not yet a U.S. citizen.
   On 21 February 1942, then  assigned to Hq Company, 3rd Battalion, 179th Infantry, Rudolph submitted a Petition For Naturalization.  He became a naturalized citizen when took an Oath of Renunciation and Allegiance .on 30 November 1942.
Pvt Beres was appointed to the grade of Corporal on 9 April 1943 and then promoted to Sgt on 26 August 1943.
   Sgt Beres was sent to a Documents course London England on 14 January 1944.
  On 6 June 1944 Sgt Beres was captured in France and held prisoner for the remainder of the war.  He was ultimately liberated from Stalag 3C Alt Drewitz Brandenburg, Prussia in 1945.
   It is not known when he was discharged.
Following the war Rudolph entered into a civilian career of some sort that caused him to travel extensively.  He undoubtedly was still fluent in German, a fact that he may have concealed from his captors while in the POW camps.  Later he may have also become conversant in Spanish as well.  Consider the following travelogue (which is probably incomplete):
12 September 1950, departed New York, NY on Pan American World Airways Flight 110/12 bound for London, Eng. Rudolph was on the manifest as a First Class passenger aboard  the SS Liberty, when it docked in New York city on 18 June 1953 after sailing from Le Havre, France. He arrived in New York, NY from Bogota, Colombia on Avianca, Flight 770 on 31 August 1953. Rudolph flew in First Class on 12 February 1955 and deplaned at Idlewild Airport, NY from Mexico, D.F., Mexico on Air France, Flight 078/0212
On 21 July 1956, he again  arrived Idlewild Airport, NY.  This time he was seated in Standard Class when he flew from Puerto Mexico, Mexico on Air France, Flight 070/0721
On 13 September 1958, he arrived in Los Angeles, CA on CMA, Flight 584 from Mexico City. Residence stated as Presa de la Angostura, 295, Mexico, D.F.

On 14 March 1959 Rudolph arrived in Los Angeles, CA from Mexico.  He listed the Hotel Marhopinske as his destination

Rudolph arrived in New Orleans on 31 August 1961, from Guatemala City, Guatemala on TACA International. Flight 700

On 29 May 1962, Rudolph arrived in Miami, FL on Pan American Flight 432 which he boarded at "MBJ" (Sangster International Airport (Montego Bay, Jamaica)

Although undated, Rudolf [sic] was recorded as traveling from his permanent address in Mexico to San Francisco where he would stay at the Fairmont Hotel [located at 950 Mason Street]

Despite the availability of all these records, there was no evidence that Rudolph ever married. 

He died in Mexico City, Mexico on 7 July 1999.  His final resting place is unknown.


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