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[courtesy of Dee Green]

Niche marker for Louis Boitano in Columbarium 2, Court B, Niche 91-A, Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, Dixon (Solano county), California.

Louis enlisted the Army  at Seattle, WA ca. 1943-44.  He served in Hq 1st, 508th PIR and was awarded the Silver Star HQ, 82d Airborne Division, G.O. No. 36 (1944) but which campaign  it was earned in is not known.

Louis married while stationed in Italy and on 7 September 1948 his 20-year old wife, Italia Caterina (nee Bosaz), was listed on the manifest of the USAT General R E Callan, arriving in New York, NY from Trieste, Italy.  She traveled unaccompanied.

Nearly a year later, on 8 July 1949, Italia was listed as an outward bound USAT General M M Patrick, departing Seattle for Yokohama, Japan. Presumably Louis was already in Japan as she was again traveling unaccompanied. 

The Korean war broke out on June 25, 1950.  MSgt Boitano was undoubtedly among the first to be deployed when the 25th Infantry Division moved from its base in Japan to Korea between 518 July 1950.

Louie was seriously wounded in action in South Korea while serving as a Light Weapons Infantry Leader.  He was evacuated to a field hospital and was released to duty on 15 May 1951.

On 9 July 1951, MSgt Boitano, accompanied by his wife Halia [sic] and daughter, Anna Marie, age 1, were listed on the manifest for a MATS charter flight flown by United Airlines between Hickham AFB, HI and Travis AFB, CA  as they returned to the U.S.


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