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Swiss Emigration Record
for Marcel Samuel Bollag shows that he left Southampton, England on the SS Normandie,  a strangely prophetic name for the ship that bore him to the United States.
Normandie Manifest
shows Marcel on line 19, age 18, occupation Merchant, bi-lingual in German and English,

Certificate of Arrival
attests to the fact that Marcel arrived on the SS Normandie on March 30, 1939

Petition For Naturalization
T/4 Bollag, Hq Hq Demolition Regiment, Ft Knox, KY,  gave an oath of allegiance on 9 July 1942 with a Sgt Stager and Capt Hoffstaetter as witnesses
Marcel Bollag enlisted in the U.S. Army at Camp Upton, Yaphank, NY on 7 November 1942 and rose from Pvt to SSgt and then was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant during the course of WWII.  He was captured on D-Day but escaped [see report by John Kersh recounting their joint experiences.]
   Marcel was awarded the Combat Infantryman badge and Bronze Service Arrowhead device for his participation in Normandy assault  At some point he was given a commission and was also awarded the Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart but the circumstances are unknown
   Following the war, Marcel pursued a career in construction and owned a door and window franchise. His businesses and family roots made him a frequent traveler to Europe, especially Zurich.
TWA Flight 921/24, January 24 1951, Aircraft N-6011C
departed Zurich for new York with an interim stop in Paris. Marcel (line 22) avoided a head tax as a U.S. citizen.
   This tri-tailed Constellation aircraft probably was an early L-049 model which carried between 60 to 81 passengers, depending on configuration and cruised at 200 mph..
TWA Westbound International Flight Schedule, 1955
shows that Flight 919, flown only on Mondays, (see circled flight number) originated in Cairo with waypoints in Athens and Rome before arriving at 8:30 pm in Zurich (circled times). 
   Remarkably, the flight was serviced and left in just half an hour bound for Paris and Shannon.  The flight stopped for fuel in Gander, Newfoundland and then landed at Boston, MA before arriving in New York at 1:50 pm on Tuesday afternoon.
TWA Flight 919, October 10, 1955 Aircraft Nr 6001C
carried Marcel (line 20) from Zurich to New York in less than 17 hours.  That was a fast trip considering there had been stops in France, Ireland, Newfoundland and Massachusetts along the route.
Sky Tourist Flights
launched by TWA in 1952 were advertised as low-cost international travel.
  Flights such as TWA 919 (at left) had round trip fares of $563.80 between New York and Zurich.
Royal Dutch Airlines Flight KL 63, 17 Jan 1956
had a crew of 8, including a Captain, 2 pilots (plus an extra), 2 flight engineers and 2 wireless operators but only 1 air hostess and 2 stewards for cabin service.  The type of aircraft is undetermined but was probably a Super Constellation..
Flight KL 63, Amsterdam to New York, 17 Jan 1956
included passenger Marcel Bollag and daughter Carol (see last 2 lines). 
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