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At the time of Kenneth's enlistment he stated his occupation was a Locomotive fireman.

The documents shown above from the files of the Northern Pacific Railway Company showing that Kenneth entered employment on17 June 1940 at the wage rate of 59 cents per hour,. He also committed to have an automatic payroll deduction for the Northern Pacific Beneficial Association.

Organized in 1882, the Association provided medical, surgical and hospital care for Northern Pacific employees.  It was responsible for the creation of seven hospitals dedicated to the railway's employees around the country including one at Pasco, Washington

Although he had requested a position of a Helper in Car Repair, he was apparently placed as a "Fire Builder" which may have meant he stoked the locomotive boiler.

His enlistment caused a break in service until he returned from overseas. 

Although the reason is unknown, he resigned from the railway without notice on 24 May 1946.  This was despite the fact that his original paperwork stated that he would give 10 days notice before leaving the job.  It is not known what he did for work after that although he did not leave his home area.

Grave markers for Kenneth J. Brickey in City View Cemetery, Pasco (Franklin), WA.

Kenneth enlisted in the Army at Spokane, WA on 20 July 1944.  Little else is known of his military service other than the fact that he was awarded the Good Conduct Medal through the 508th's General Order No. 29 on 11 July 1945.  At that time he was a member of Hq 2nd but had undoubtedly transferred in some where in the preiod two months, a period that we do not have Morning Repors for.

Pfc Brickey was amongst the Company B. 504th PIR personnel that were aboard the Queen Mary when it arrived in New York City Harbor on 3 January 1946 after setting sail in Southampton, England.

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