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Here and There
Capt.. Cyrus E. Manierre Jr. is arriving Saturday on a week's departure leave to be with his mother, Mrs. E. Harrison Manierre, in Lake Forest.  Mrs. Manierre has invited some of her son's old friends to cocktails Sunday afternoon.  Capt. Manierre is to attend a commando school in Scotland.
[Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, Wednesday, Sep 22, 1943, Page 25]

Cyrus was from a very well-to-family (both is grandfather and great-grandfather had been mayors of Chicano) so the society ages carried many stories of he and his family.

The two sons of Mrs. Edith Harrison Manierre of Lake Forest. who were reported missing in action in the European Theater in August, are prisoners of war in Germany, according to letters received by their mother from strangers who said both men had been named in German short wave broadcasts.
   This information was announced yesterday by Collector of Internal Revenue, Carter H. Harrison, Mrs. Manierre's father.
   Maj. Cyrus E. Manierre, Jr., who was with the paratroops, was reported missing Aug. 18.  Lt. William R. Manierre., a bomber pilot, was similarly listed Aug. 16.
[Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, Thursday, Nov 18, 1944, Page 14]


Service News
ews of the exploits of war prisoners in Stalagluft I in Germany has Mrs. Edith Harrison Manierre In a constant state of expectation, for when she last heard Dec, 4 from her two sous, Maj. Cyrus E. Manierre and Lt. William R. Manierre, they both were detained in that camp. As yet no word has reached her from the brothers, but the rumors that Mrs. Manierre has collected tell an incredible story.
It was Mrs. Jefferson Caffery, Maj. Manierre’s godmother, who cabled the news from Paris that the camp had been liberated. Since then Mrs. Manierre has learned from a long distance call to the state de¬partment in Washington, D. C„ and from newspaper accounts that the camp reputedly freed Itself, seizing 200 square miles at German territory, two other prison camps, three towns, a concentration camp, and an air field with 24 German planes intact.
It took two days for a scout from the camp to reach the Russian lines, and not until last Saturday did the Red army establish contact with the former prisoners. Mrs. Manierre has heard that 8,000 men from the camp already have been evacuated, but whether to England or Le Havre she has not been unable to verify,

[Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, Tuesday, May15, 1945, Page 15]

[courtesy of John Trundle]

Grave marker for Cyrus E. Manierre, Jr. in Lot 42, Emmanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery, Middleburg (Loudoun county), Virginia.

Cyrus graduated from the US Military Academy, West Point on 29 May 1942 and was commissioned as a 2nd Lt, Cavalry.

However he switched his focus to parachute infantry and on 10 November 1942 was assigned to Hq Hq, 508th PIR

On 2 December 1942 2/Lt Manierre went on detached service to intelligence school but it was not stated where the school was located.  He returned to duty on 17 December.

1/Lt Manierre was relieved of duty with the regiment on 30 June 1943 but his destination was not recorded.

The  U.S., Select Military Register, 1945 indicates that Cyrus binned on the silver bars of a 1st Lieutenant on 14 December 1942. 

The double bars of a captain came on 23 August 1943. 

His final promotion, to that of Major, came on 15 July 1944.


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