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Memorial card from Charles Paradise funeral service courtesy of Margaret Paradise

A Prayer to Michael the Archangel Patron Saint of the Airborne

Angelic Michael, hear my call!
As through the sky I now will fall.
Satan you once cast from here.
Aid me now to conquer fear!!
My static line have hooked to hold
And then my chute to make unfold.
Suspension lines untangled be
And open up my canopy. From other junipers float me clear
As safely down 1 persevere.
On angel wings I hit the ground.
My Father's favor I have found.
In thanks, Saint Michael, 1 do pray
For God has helped me- all the way.
Almighty God and Father, it is Your air that fills my canopy and it is Your ground
upon which I stand and so for me THE SPIRIT OF THE AIRBORNE means that
all is best in the military tradition. It
means trust in You. pride in my uniform
and an enduring love of my Country.

Charles Paradise enlisted in the U.S. Army on  April 20, 1942 in Hartford, CT.

After completion of basic training he volunteered for parachutist duty and was assigned to the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment.  He became a member of the communications platoon with the Regimental Headquarters Company.

Charles had an interesting confrontation with colonel Lindquist while the regiment was in Camp Cromore, Ireland.  Lindquist had confronted Paradise anb8ut the dirty tie he was wearing and asked why he had it on. Charles responded that he was saving the clean one for when they got to England.  The fact that the regiment was moving there was a classified Top Secret and Lindquist said, "Do you know where we are going?"  To the Colonel's disbelief paradise said, "I understand we are going to Nottingham, Sir."

The Colonel walked away shaking his head in disbelief and completely forgot about Charles' soiled neckwear

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