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Grave marker for Lawrence A. Wrucke, Jr. in the Elmwood Memorial Park, Abilene (Taylor County), Texas.
   Lawrence enlisted in the Army at Fort Snelling, MN,  in 1942, just a few days short of his 19th birthday.  He volunteered for parachutist duty and after completing basic training and jump school he was sent to England where he was assigned to the 11th Replacement Depot which apparently was located in Bryn-y-Pys, Flintshire.
   He was transferred to the 508th PIR, stationed in Nottingham on 10 August 1944 and assigned to Company D.
   Lawrence was with the regiment for the jump into Holland on 17 September 1944 and had the misfortune to be captured the same day.
   He was ultimately returned to military control from Stalag 2A Neubrandenburg Mecklenberg 53-13 some time in 1945.
   Following his return to the ZI he must have taken the option to transition into the Army Air Forces, a designation valid only until18 September 1947, the date on which the U.S. Air Force came into being.  The grave marker engraving implies that he did not make that change, however.

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