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Airborne Company Stars in Movie

   "You ought to be in pictures" is the theme of Company B of Fort Benning's 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team.
   The airborne company is currently starring in "Rifle Platoon in Attack of Built-up Areas," the infantry's latest training film now in production at the Infantry School.
   Working on location at Caramouche Village, which was specially constructed for the production, the men go through a five-day-a-week schedule as actors.  They claim their acting is made easy by the fact that they are playing parts which come as second nature to them --- those of soldiers.

[Columbus Daily Enquirer, Columbus, GA, Fri, Oct 20, 1952, Page: 3]

 The right to wear the world famous wings and boots of the U. S. Army volunteer paratrooper has been won by Pvt. James S. Naro, son of Mrs. Sebastian Naro, 150 ; Elm St., Dunmore, it has been an-flounced at the Parachute School, Fort Benning, Ga.
   Private Naro made his fifth and qualifying jump, a night tactical leap identical to actual combat work in Sicily, to complete his four weeks of parachute training.

[The Tribune, Scranton, PA, 03 Jan 1944, Mon, Page 16]

Five Awards
To Be Given
At Post Today

   Two Bronze Star Medals and thee Commendation Ribbons will be awarded to men of Fort Benning’s 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team at ceremonies on Tiger Field today.
   Lt. Col. Willis F. Lowery of Helena, Ark., will receive the Bronze Star with V device for valor; Capt. Fred H. Slawson will receive the Bronze Star; Capt. Joseph Grezaffi, Cpl. Wayne C. Swanson and Pfc. James D. Smith, Commendation Ribbons with Metal Pendants.
   Col. Lowery, who commands the 508th's Second Battalion, has been cited for heroic action June 1, 1952, near Kumhwa, Korea, as commander of the 31st Infantry Regiment.
   Capt. Slawson's decoration is in recognition of his "meritorious service" to the United Nations in Korea from Oct. 14, 1951 to Aug. 30, 1952.
   The Commendation Ribbon has been awarded Capt. Grezaffi for his "meritorious service" to the Eighth Army in Korea from Oct. 26, 1951 to July 5, 1952.
   Cpl Swanson and Pfc. Smith won the ribbon for helping to "rescue two seriously injured and unconscious soldiers from an overturned and burning automobile." They also assisted in the removal of a third soldier from the vicinity of the blaze where he had been thrown as a result of the accident.
   Col. George O. Pearson, 508th commander, will make the presentations, and troops of the combat team will pass in review.

[Columbus Daily Enquirer, Columbus, GA, Fri, Oct 31, 1952, Page: 18]

   First Lieut. Darrel L Gooler, son of Col and Mrs. Max H Gooler Holmes Beach, is  taking a Ranger count at Fort Banning, Ga. and upon graduation will become an instructor there
   Lieutenant Gooler, 31, recently completed a 31-week infantry officer advanced count at the Infantry School Fort Banning and was home on leave to visit his parents before beginning the Ranger course.
   He' graduated from Trinity University, San Antonio. Tex in 1961 and entered the Army the same year .Ha received his basic training and completed the paratrooper school at Fort Banning, served in Korea and later was stationed at Fort Campbell Ky. with the 101st Airborne Division His parents have raided at Holmes Beach since Colonel Gooler retired from service in 1964.

[The Bradenton Herald, Bradenton, FP, 26 May 1958, Mon Page 11]

To Jackson

   Mr. and Mrs. John Berner spent5 last week-end in Jackson with their son, Corporal James C. Berner.  Cpl Berner was home from Fort Benning, Ga., and spent a ten-day furlough with his family in Jackson. He left Friday for Camp [Mackall], N.C.

[McComb Daily Journel. McComb, MS, 5 April 1943, Mon, Page 6]


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