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508th Parachute Infantry
Camp Blanding, Fla.



Name: __________________________


Date: ___________________________

Complete the following questions by filling in the correct word
or words in the blank spaces.

  1. The standard military explosive is _______________________________________________(write out)
2. Three requirements of a military explosive for demolition should be (a) _________________________(b) ________________________________ (c) ____________________________________________
  3. A substitute standard explosive for T N T is _______________________________________________
4. The explosive contents of a non-electric cap are (a) ________________________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ____________________________________________
  5. What is the velocity of detonation of (a) TNT_______________________________________________
(b) TETRYL __________________________(c) PRIMACORD ________________________________
  6. What is the rate of burning of time fuze __________________________________________________
  7. Give three advantages of electric demolition over non-
electric demolition (a) ________________________________________________________________
(b) _____________________________________________________________________________
(c) _______________________________________________________________________________
  8. Give two disadvantages of electric blasting (a)_____________________________________________
___________________(b) ____________________________________________________________
  9. Give three methods of generating current for firing electric caps
(a) ________________________ (b) ________________________ (c) ______________________ 
  10. A galvanometer is used to ___________________________________________________________
  11. Three substances which may be used for waterproofing non-electric caps are
(a) ________________________ (b) ________________________ (c) _______________________ 
  12. High explosive charges are usually detonated by a ________________________________________
placed in the charge.
  13. There are _____________________________ enlisted men in the demolition platoon.
  14. In calculating charges the letter "N" in the formula represents the _____________________________
  15. Give the formulas for the following demolitions and state whether the charge is figured in feet or inches:
(a) Breaching concrete, etc.                  N equals ________________________
(b) Cutting steel or rail                           N   "       ________________________
(c) Timber cutting (external)                   N   "       ________________________ 
(d)      "               (internal)                   N   "       ________________________ 

(Page 2)
16. Calculate the number of blocks of TNT required to execute the following demolitions: (make calculations on bottom of paper)
(a) Concrete wall - 48 inches thick            ____________________________
(b)   Tree (external) - 3-|- feet diameter     ____________________________
(c)   Steel rod - 1-| feet diameter              ____________________________
(d) Tree (internal) - 4-3/4 feet diameter     ____________________________
  17. The primary purpose of booby traps is to _____________________________________________
  18. Three types of hand grenades are
(a) ________________________ (b) ________________________ (c) _______________________ 
  19. Give your definition of a map  ________________________________________________________
  20. Taking into consideration the amount of instruction you have had in subjects covered by the above questions, did you consider this test difficult?  ______________________________

If your answer is YES tell why you answered in the negative _______________________________________________________________________________

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