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Greetings From Camp Blanding
was a popular motif to send back home to the family or girlfriend

The Mess Line, Reception Center
may have been one of the first stops for the newly arrived recruits

Tent Drill
may not be a realistic representation for the 508th as they were quartered in pyramid tents

Post Hospital
was one location that most men didn't want to visit but various aches and pains cycled some 508ers in one door and out the other.

Future Reward
the boys would have great fighting spirit once training was completed, even if the cash reward posted here was bogus

Training Experiences Translated For Civilians

Future Daring Do
This postcard sent home by Bill Goudy gave his folks a peek at what he was ultimately to train for. (Wonder if he wore his barracks cap like this man did?)

Guidon Grill, Starke, Fla.
may have been accessible to the officers but for the basic trainees ... forget it!

Merry Christmas, 1942
this card, sent home by Bill Goudy, was probably purchased at the Blanding Base Exchange.  Its appropriate airborne motif must have made it a popular item.


Greeting The New Year
this issue of "Para Blasts" (Vol. 1, #2) is the only edition  made available thus far.  Issued on Jan 1, 1943, i contains some reports and some funny hand drawn cartoons. Click photo to view in PDF format (1 MGB)

Organization Day
  The regiment celebrated its anniversary with a booklet published on November 4, 1943.  It contained the names of all men in the regiment at that time.
  Click here for full booklet
(PDF format)