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Camp Blanding Today

Camp Blanding (see map) is located a few miles East of Starke, FL and now is home to a number of Army and Air Force Reservist organizations.  It also hosts a museum dedicated to the various WW-II units that trained there during the period of 1940 - 1943. 

A large area of the base around the lake is now a state park and used heavily by boating and fishing enthusiasts.

Camp Blanding Map
shows some of its 73,000 square acres with the main camp situated on a large lake (Kingsley Lake).  This modern map also shows in its legend a boat ramp and picnic tables as the camp is largely open to the public for recreation.
1942 Camp Blanding & St. Augustine, FL 8mm FILM Camp Blanding: Florida's Hidden Gem From The Beginning Camp Blanding Construction 1940-1943 Camp Blanding Memorial Park of The Second World War
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