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After living in tents at Camp Blanding, tar paper huts in Mackall, Nissen huts in Ireland, tents again in Wollaton, reprised German barracks and then again in tents in two stays at Sissonne, foxholes during the frigid winter in the Ardennes, the 508th moved into an apartment complex in Heddernheim, Germany.  Life was suddenly very comfortable.  Hot showers, warm beds and a roof over your head makes a huge difference!  But, there were still various duties to be fulfilled as SHAEF Honor Guards

Changing The Guard at USFET Headquarters - One of the most colorful spots in the otherwise drab Occupation picture is the changing of the guard by the 508th parachute regiment at the United States Forces European Theater headquarters in Frankfort, Germany.  This grim building was once a unit in the great I, G. Farben empire.  These troops are among the most decorated, with unit citations from several governments. 
[The Evening Review, East Liverpool, Ohio, Nov 27, 1945, Pg 10]

HQ1 Men
As they march to assume responsibility for security of the outer perimeter of the I. G. Farben building

Honor Guard
members stand in formation for inspection before going on duty

Guard Mount
Men of 508, HQ 1st participate in a formal guard mount at the  Frankfurt Am Main Banhof (RR Station)

'Ten Hut!
Guards at attention with 1st Lt. Frigo reporting to C Co. C.O. that the guard was ready for duty.
(courtesy  Wes Kuehle

Guard Formation being placed beside the Regimental Band outside the Frankfurt Am Main Banhof (RR Station)
(courtesy  Wes Kuehle, taken from 3rd floor of bombed building across the street)

Guard Formation
alongside the Regimental Band as German civilians admire the precision of the movements.
   Note the bomb damage to the roof area of the Banhof.
(courtesy  Wes Kuehle)

Duty Calls
A fresh set of Honor Guard troops march to the Farben Building to pull their shift as the local populace enjoys the show
(courtesy  Barrena family).

Detail Squaring Away
with the "Dress Right, Dress" command.  Specific company is not known

Final Changing of The Guard
1st Lt. Lionel Frigo of C Company, reports to Captain of B Company.  Scene is outside the C Company Barracks.
(courtesy of Wes Kuehle who went in truck with guards to record the final formation)

George Schairer
poses in his Honor Guard attire
(courtesy Arthur Rottier)

Capt Malcolm D. Brannen
wears his Honor Guard attire complete with a .45 pistol on his belt/ 
(courtesy of Nico Joneneel)