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An email received by Jumpmaster on 5 November 2020, read:

Dear Sir,
   Nice to meet you, my name is Takano Hisaho. I personally study the history of Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Japan.
   I was interested in Beppu City after World War II, especially Camp Chickamauga. There are almost no materials left in the library in Oita prefecture. I searched a lot on the internet but couldn't find any useful information for me. However, the Camp Chick photos on your home page were helpful.
   I tried to restore Camp Chickamauga Beppu as a stereoscopic image by referring to the photographs on your homepage, the aerial photographs of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, the photographs found in the books, and the two plan view of 1956.
    I didn't know the color of the roof or the color of the wall, but I changed the color of the roof and ground according to the purpose of use of the facility.  The shape and quantity of windows are unknown, and the data capacity will increase, making it impossible to display all buildings, so I have not created windows.
    I will present you a commemorative image. The following image is enclosed. ・ Camp Chickamauga Beppu Bird's-eye view c ・ Camp Chickamauga Beppu Bird's-eye view d ・ Camp Chickamauga Beppu Bird's-eye view e.
   I would appreciate it if you could tell us your impressions of seeing the image.

   Sincerely yours,
   Hisaho Takano
   1529,Kawasaki,Hiji machi
   Oita 879-1505 JAPAN


Note: Jumpmaster was never stationed at Camp Chickamauga and cannot be of any assistance.  Anyone who has information to help Takano-san should write to Jumpmaster@508pir.org

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