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Spring Festival
brings everyone into town. 

Decorated Streets overarching bamboo poles and some lighted decorations make the town festive

Ice Man Cometh
a stop at the local ice shop to bring home some ice

Sweet Shop
a vendor explains what is in a cake she hopes to sell

Male Dancers
dressed in Yukata perform a traditional dance

Kigure Circus
was in town as well (note sign at upper right)

you gotta have Pachyderms for a circus!

Arcade Entrance
decorated with flowering cherry boughs

Typical Farmer
or perhaps a laborer is passed by the parade

is borne by her retinue

Sturdy Steed
is pulling something that is not in the photo

Wise Man
a figure of mythology with a prominent nose and flowing beard

Veterans Group
Japanese Corporals join the parade

Cross - but not angry - Dresser
this man gets to be Geisha for a day

is seen as a mischievous animal with large gonads. (No wonder these men dressed up this way!)

(Japanese Raccoon dog) is not the same species as the American raccoon

play for the crowd

Hadaka Otokonoko no  Kodomo
(naked boy) this little guy came to town in his skin suit.  He is in front of a tobacco "Ta Ba Ko" shop.

Red Devil
but not a 508er! 
   This Hannya (般若) mask is used in Japanese Noh theater, representing a jealous female demon or serpent. Don't mess with her!

(photos courtesy Fitz Blum)


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