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First Home Leased
in the city near Beppu Bay at 10 Kumi Yumigahama. At 20,000 ($55.55) / mo. it was inexpensive

Yoshino Hideto signed page 2 of the lease agreement which was prepared in his native language

The conversion rate for the Yen was fixed at 360 per U.S. Dollar in 1949 and remained as such until 1972.  Today a single dollar converts to less than one hundred yen while the national CPI inflation rate has driven prices up by as much as 21% in 1974.  The lease at left, assuming it was still only 20,000, would translate to over $2300/mo. today!

on top of a mountain with a view of Beppu Bay

Sitting On The Dock of The Bay ...
was a cool hangout for young boys

Safe Anchorage
in Beppu's excellent harbor

U.S. Army Tug?
with the number LI-792

The Tug
probably maneuvered U.S.  military cargo ships

Floating Crane
unloads cargo to smaller vessels


included a bridge in the foreground and a mountain backdrop

and sometimes ... laundry

a volcanic vent spewing steam are common in Japan's volcanic regions

an Onsen (温泉) is a term for hot springs that are near these vents and typically guarded by these hellish figures

Kamado Jigoku
literally a "hellish cauldron" or "cooking pot hell".  A clever name for an Onsen near Beppu.  Just makes you want to jump right in!

Garden of Trolls?
a group of statuary at an Onsen gate

Countryside Shrine
these small commemorative shrines are placed at or near the place of a person's death

"Mitch and Mel"
at the Beppu Daibutsu (Great Buddha)
Maurice 'Mitch" Mitchell and Mel Echelberger [on the right]

downtown Beppu riding on a motorcycle he "inherited" when friend Mel Echelberger went back to the U.S.

Mitch and Monkey Mountain
Mount Takasakiyama (3,000 ft) lies on the coast between Beppu and Oita City.  It has an indigenous group of Macaque monkeys that beg food from visitors.

... or, Great Buddha, near Beppu


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