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Second Home
in suburban Beppu  10 Kumi Soen-cho. The Blum family probably had to wait for someone to transfer for them to get the home.

Hisao Gato
was the  Blum's new landlord.  Theis home cost $10 more per month but had many esthetic advantages

Suburban Home
had decorative stone wall in the front

Blum Home
was a 38-minute ride from the commissary on the off-post bus

Kumi Soen-cho
was a simple dirt street

Either Mount Chira or Mount Tsunumi
dominated the landscape

Hibachi Pot
no longer used for hearing was moved outside

Back Yard
with landscaping, pool and mountain view

Back Yard
featured fishpond and mountain view

Kid Magnet
the fish pond had frog's eggs

Built-in Playground
boulder across the street was an attraction as well

Looking Left
the street was rather barren

Looking Right
more houses can be seen, note tiled roofs

Down The Street
a lady under a parasol walks with her husband

Sometimes ...
it snowed, a little

Sometimes ...
a little more

Firewood Gatherers
note momma-san is doing the hauling

Cherry blossoms

Torii Gate
Jimmy Blum poses before a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of, or within, a Shinto shrine where it symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the sacred.


(photos courtesy Fitz Blum)


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